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Look for me, under the sea!

There's a new scuba store in town! Seas the Day Scuba relocated their business from Anaheim Hills to Brea.

Seas the Day Scuba is a premium dive operation that offers education, sales, service, local and international dive travel.

A colleague of mine and I were interested in the PADI open water diver course (a beginner's course.) How awesome would it be to be able to travel around the world to see ocean habitats? Casey Connell, owner of Seas the Day Scuba, was our personal instructor. Patient and kind, he guided us through our knowledge development and confined water dives with a breeze. It was so much fun being in the classes and utilizing the necessary skills back in the water.

There are three main phases of the PADI open water diver course: knowledge development, confined water dives and finally open water dives. Together, my colleague and I are waiting to jump into the ocean for our part three course and get certified!

Having a local scuba store is such an awesome opportunity for Breans to step out of their comfort zone. I personally have never thought of being Scuba certified because I don't wake up next to the beach everyday. But being in North Orange County, we have the luxury of being able to drive to the beach in half an hour or so. Seas the Day Scuba has definitely opened my eyes to a new world. ​​

When you begin your scuba-diving course, you might not have any idea what to expect, but your instructors will paint a very clear picture of what safety steps you need to master before you'll be allowed to venture into the depths of the sea.

About Seas The Day Scuba:

Seas The Day Scuba Has Moved!

We are now open in our new location at 1039 E. Imperial Highway, Brea. For more information, follow us on Facebook and join our Seas The Day Scuba Dive Club on

Learn How To Scuba Dive With Seas The Day

Seas The Day was founded by Casey Connell, who discovered scuba diving over 30 years ago and wants to share the joy of the ocean with everyone. Whether you’re an experienced diver looking to expand their certification or a newcomer that wants to take their first dive, Seas The Day’s experienced trainers can help you. We offer an expansive line of PADI certification classes, including technical and professional dive courses. Hundreds have learned how to dive with the help of Seas The Day’s teachers — join them today!

Orange County & Los Angeles Best Dive Shop

In addition to instruction, we offer an in-depth selection of diving equipment and the expertise to help you make the right choice from the very beginning. Professional scuba divers and hobbyists alike can rely on the staff at Seas The Day to give them straight answers to questions about diving gear. We also offer top-flight service on scuba equipment, including your regular equipment inspections and repairs. You can rely on the team at Seas The Day to help you get the most out of your diving investment.

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