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Go the extra mile.

Brea’s “Tracks at Brea” project consists of a four mile long multi-use trail that will traverse the City from east to west. Completed May 5, 2018, a two-way paved bikeway and a separate pedestrian footpath provides an opportunity to make easy connections across town.

To reconnect with the nature around us, the city of Brea has been replacing train tracks with hiking trails. These trails have been not only been beneficial to the local environment, but it has become a new option for recreational leisure for residents. These trails are open to pedestrians and bikers allowing those to exercise while enjoying the restored nature. Not only is the City of Brea restoring the nature around the city, but they are also eliminating sources that have been major causes of pollution around the area. Eliminating polluting sources as well as an attempt to connect neighboring cities together, these trails are displaying the versatility of what these trails can be offered.

Diving into the details of the extent of the pollution that are caused by these railroads is the presence of arsenic. To create such trails the moderate concentration levels of arsenic are being removed, protecting the environment and the people of the trail.

Throughout the process of the construction of these trails, the city is taking many precautions to ensure the safety of surrounding residents and to ensure a natural scene. With the help of the Orange County Health Care Agency and Ninyo & Moore environmental engineers. The health standards are being enforced and met within the process.

This great effort to slow down the industrialization of the globe and to aid the ecology of the earth, these trails represent the best of Brea and re definitely worth a visit.

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