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Let the games begin!

The police car chases a stolen yellow car, zombies come at you full sprint, and basketball players warm up before the game begins. It’s surreal, it’s exciting, and there is no waiting line to dive into the action. Play Live Nation, located in the Brea Mall, it’s the perfect place for entertainment.

Play Live Nation is a premium social gaming lounge that allows like-minded players of all ages to explore the gaming industry in a clean, fun, and comfortable atmosphere. Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, and NBA 2K, just to name a few of the video games available, will keep you and your peeps busy for hours. Here, you get to play your favorite game with your friends or meet new people, real people I should say, in a cool place.

Some friends arrive and we play a FIFA tournament. Not our usual gaming choice, but we have been suffering from the FIFA Soccer World Cup fever.

If you can’t decide on what to play, one of their very friendly staff member will help you pick a game and even give you tips to move on to the next level if you get stuck.

Also, they have modern tables with neon lights that will bring to life the characters of any board game and card game. You can pick from one of the games they have in store, or simply bring your own, and witness an array of magic display before you.

We played on very comfortable chairs, ate a few snacks that we purchased there, and Lionel Messi finally claimed the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

With no doubt we will be back.

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