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Classic BBQ is Back!!!

Stonefire Grill is one of the best barbeque restaurants in Brea, the thing that sets Stonefire Grill apart from other barbeque restaurants is Stonefire Grill’s signature Tri Tips. Stonefire Grill’s Trip Tips are not only juicy, but also come out pippin’ hot. They are also cooked in a way that all the flavor and juices in the Tri Tips are trapped inside. This gives their signature Tri Tips an explosion of flavor when you bite down on them.

Another interesting thing about Stonefire Grill is the accommodations they have for special circumstances such as allergies. Stonefire Grill has a whole allergen list on their menu to help customers with allergies or specific eating diets choose the proper menu items to order. The allergen list not only provides help to people with allergies, but also shows what items are vegetarian or vegan. This helps tons of people who can’t decide right away on what they want and gives them the opportunity to know the ins and outs of the dish they want to order. The next thing that Stonefire grill has is their amazing menu, not only is it filled with mouthwatering dishes, but is also laid out in a way where you can order in the food for each section for a fulfilling meal. Even the kids’ section of the menu is easily laid out so they can choose their favorite types of meals without a moment’s thought.

On to the food, one of the dishes that I had was the baby back ribs, which were the juiciest ribs I have ever eaten. Not only were the ribs juicy, they also came with a crunch with a crispy caramelized layer made from the signature BBQ sauce. If the ribs are still not juicy enough the baby back ribs come with more of Stonefire grills’ signature BBQ sauce. Even though you might have to wait a while for the ribs to cook Stonefire has some delicious sides that you could munch on while you wait. My personal favorite is their freshly baked bread sticks. The bread sticks come out fresh and pippin hot; they have a salty and crisp outer layer, but a gooey and soft inside. Another one of my favorite sides are their salt and pepper chips, not only are they super crispy, but they are perfectly salted and seasoned, so no chip is left out on the flavor.

Even though Stonefire grills’ expertise is in barbequing, they also have an amazing line of pizzas and salads. The pizzas come in an array of different styles and unique tastes, but my favorite has got to be the BBQ pizza which is the perfect combination of barbeque and pizza. Even with their expertise in meat, their salads are out of this world. Not only are they fresh and crisp, but they come in large quantities. Even I have troubles finishing their salads sometimes! Branching off on their non-barbeque dishes, they also have salmon and pasta dishes. The pasta dishes are practically made to be combined with their meat dishes, especially their Tri Tips. However, on the other side the salmon dish for me is one the few dishes in Stonefire grill that are amazing just in themselves. The salmon is not only seared to perfection but is also loaded with garlic which is perfect for me because it brings out all the flavor of the fish. Although, after eating the salmon, you might not want to talk to anybody for the rest of the day.

Out of everything I believe, the best thing about Stonefire Grill is their immaculate waiters and staff and all work operations. The first and fore most is that Stonefire Grill opens at the peak of lunch at 11AM and as such, you think there would be a long wait time, but your wrong! Even though most restaurants at lunch time have around a 2 or more hour wait time, Stonefire has only a 30 minute to 1 hour wait time even for bigger groups like 15 people. The reason is that the staff manages time and coordinates the proper seating inside the restaurant.

Not to mention, their expansive restaurant and cooks prepare the dishes quite fast even for a barbeque restaurant without shaving off quality. Then we get to the waiters who are always attentive and caring for the customers and never forget an order. The waiters have a sort of friendly atmosphere around them where they even make idle chats with the customers. I have personally experienced this whenever I go to eat at Stonefire Grill. The thing that ties it all together is the overall atmosphere in Stonefire with their music and aesthetics of the building. Overall, if you are looking for a place eat with friends or family or even just to pig out by yourself, Stonefire Grill is one of the best places to do it.

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