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A Confectionery Adventure

Desert is always a tempting commitment. Once you walk into Hapa Cupcakes, your mouth will start to water at the sight of luscious and delicious specialties such as cupcakes, cakes, truffles, cookies and much more. The Brea location, close to downtown, features a friendly white little house with a picket fence that is begging you to come in. The owners of Hapa Cupcakes, Akemi Lee and Hanayao Martin, have appeared in Food Network’s famous Cupcake Wars and Cake Boss shows, and in the OC register which is another reason why you should try their cupcakes.

What is unique about their store is that they also make alcohol infused cupcakes such as strawberries and champagne, Coconut Rum, Cinnamon Sugar Kahlua, and so many more flavors. The strawberries and champagne cupcake are iced with cream cheese frosting, and is topped with pink sprinkles and a heart. The Cinnamon Sugar Kahlua features Madagascar vanilla batter with cinnamon streusel, caramel, and cream cheese frosting. They also serve seasonal ones such as Whiskey Girl Scout Thin Mint, and Pina Colada.

If you are not fond of alcohol or under 18, they also serve wonderful gourmet cupcakes. The classic flavors include Vanilla birthday and Chocolate Birthday which are topped with rainbow sprinkles. Simple, but completely scrumptious. If you are craving something more extravagant try the chocolate Oreo or chocolate m&m cupcake! They are literally covered completely in crumbled Oreos or m&m’s. You couldn’t possibly pack more on because they never skimp on the flavor. These babies start at $3.50 a cupcake.

Hapa Cupcakes also bakes the unconventional with over the top cupcakes for super special moments. The unicorn funfetti cupcake features horns and ears with glitter you can eat. With each bite, you will get lost in the rainbow frosting and colorful batter. The Mermaid Funfetti Cupcake has an intense blue fondant tail of its own with pearls and sprinkles. These cupcakes are perfect for gifting as they come with their own special box. They also proudly showcase amazing vegan and gluten free cupcakes on a daily basis, so no sweet lover is left out from their clientele. Their baked goods are made fresh every day, so you never have to worry about how old your cupcake is.

For special occasions, Hapa cupcakes makes customizable cupcakes to cater to your needs. They can put letters on their cupcakes, your favorite sports team logo, flowers, hello kitty, under the sea, graduation, wedding themed and so much more! They will do the best to create your dream cupcake. Hapa also creates beautiful wedding cakes that will make your “I do” moment absolutely, unforgettable. Three tier cakes may seem intimidating to the novice baker, but Hapa Cupcakes goes above and beyond. They also specialize in rosette cakes, drip cakes, rustic and horizontal designs, naked cakes, smooth cakes, and custom cakes.


Hapa can also put together dessert tables for your memorable event with all the confectionary fixings. Just because the word “cupcakes” is in their name, doesn’t mean they only do cakes! They bake simple chocolate chip, and cinnamon sugar cookies to colorful funfetti and peanut m&m cookies. They are baked with love and care, never from mixes. They also make custom sugar cookies with flood frosting that are delicately decorated for any theme you can think of. Personalized cake pops and truffles are another cherry on top addition to any hostess’s dessert table. The choices of flavors are boundless including chocolate, vanilla, and funfetti.

Hapa Cupcakes is the new up and coming cupcake store in Orange County. Go stop by their shop on your way to work for a sweet treat, and you will see why. Taking a bite into one of their freshly concocted cupcakes may just make your day. Hopefully, once you try it, you will take your family and friends there so they can also discover Brea’s sweet hidden gem.

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