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A Hole in the Wall Eat: La Puerta

Looking for a kick back, small family friendly place for a casual meal? Look no further, La Puerta is a great choice then! You will feel good walking into a family owned, mom and pop style Mexican eatery. It’s a refreshing change from mass chain franchises. La Puerta is one of the few restaurants in Brea that is truly unique. You won’t find another restaurant like it. The walls feature red accents decorated with giant hanging forks and knifes. Once your meal is placed in front of you, your appetite is sure to become that big!

Speaking of appetites, the essence of the food is absolutely, delightful. Their cuisine spans from an early bird breakfast, to a late-night dinner. Traditional specialties range from Huevos Rancheros (egg presented on top of a crispy tortilla, cover with ranchero sauce and cheese) to breakfast burritos, omelettes, and tamales with eggs.

Your choice of red or green pork! If you desire a decadent, sweet, dessert like breakfast, then you are in good company. Pancakes and Crepes are a staple for La Puerta. Crepes include strawberry, Nutella, berries with bananas, and pineapple banana coconut. It’s almost too guilty and indulgent to be breakfast! Each crepe is folded with tender care and topped with whipped cream and powdered sugar. The pancakes also feature these fruity flavors, but the menu is not complete without banana nut and chocolate chip pancakes.

Once you walk in and take a seat at their table, a nice warm basket of chips with salsa is placed on the table to satisfy your party. With your first dip and bite, you know it’s the beginning of a meal to be savored. Don’t be afraid to ask for more chips either. I’ve had my fair share of seconds and haven’t regretted it at all. The best part is that they don’t charge you for extra chips and salsa. It’s the type of establishment that avoids cutting the corners or ever short changing you. Your presence as a customer is valuable to them. One of my favorite dishes is the chicken tostada. It comes with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, and last but, not least, guacamole. In my opinion, guacamole completes the delectable, scrumptious nature of tostadas, tacos, burritos, soups, salads, etc.!

If you aren’t convinced yet, they have $1 Taco Tuesdays. Your eyes are not tricking you. Yes, I said $1. I can’t think of a restaurant that has such an unbeatable promotion. For dinner if you want a more, special dish, try the Mole Poblano or the Chile Relleno. Mexican chilies and spices add another dimension to the chicken in Mole Poblano. If you are a cheese addict, Chile Relleno is basically a pepper stuffed and topped with cheese with relleno sauce on the top. If you have a knack for seafood, Tacos Del Mar gives you the choice of fish or shrimp. Each entrée also comes with rice, beans, salads, and tortillas, so it will definitely fill your eager tummy.

For dessert, order Nutella Flautas or Planito con Lechera for a special experience. The Nutella Fluatas consist of deep-fried tortilla filled with Nutella, then topped with whipped cream and strawberries. The Planito con Lechera is deep fried plantains with Dulce de leche, which is sweetened milk. Now this isn’t just your basic ice cream with a cherry on top! Ultimately, La Puerta is hands down, one the best authentic Mexican restaurants in Brea. If you are looking for a place to take your family or friends, La Puerta will definitely please and delight them.

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