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Fratellino's, previously named Lomeli's

Who doesn’t love a cozy ambiance reminiscent of home cooking, but paired with professional service? Located at Brea Heights, Fratellino’s by Cesar Lomeli serves authentic Italian food at a family friendly price. It is coveted as a crowd favorite and has established itself as a keystone restaurant in Brea cuisine that will have you yelling MAMA MIA after your first visit.

Attentive waiters keep the seating and serving going fast, so the only challenge is what to order. Fratellino’s offers a wide variety of Italian cuisine that all are palatable, but some of my personal favorites are the minestrone soup, eggplant parmigiana, and fettucine alfredo.

The Minestrone soup is a great starter for every meal. It’s made with a hearty beef broth and is perfect to pair with garlic bread and as a dipping.

Although I am not a personal fan of eggplant, Fratellino’s eggplant parmigiana is a notable exception. With a glass of wine, the eggplant parmigiana left me struggling to standup because I felt so warm and full. The flavor was robust and fresh and is a great meatless entrée.

My go to meal is the fettucine alfredo. It has a rich, super creamy flavor that leaves me satisfied after every bite and is well-balanced when paired with assorted vegetables.

For dessert, the cappuccino ice cream is a refreshing breather because of its delicious, crushed coffee beans.

Fratellino’s exceptional food and service has established itself as the go-to restaurant that can’t go wrong.

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