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Pie and Lattes!

I graduated from high school not too long ago, and never really had too much of a problem with my weight. However, during college, I hit my Freshmen 15, and then a Sophomore 20. My brother and mother both encouraged me to shave a couple inches off my tum, and brought me to Club Pilates – which they said would be a trip to get pie and coffee. I not only lost weight, but ended up staying ever since.

I first joined after taking a complimentary, introductory class, and Club Pilates' great studio, large variety of equipment, and friendly community have kept me going.

Although it may not be as spacious as other gyms, Club Pilates has outshined them with clean equipment and a spotless facility. The equipment is well organized, providing ample space during every class. They keep the studio floor polished by encouraging toesoxes. Overall, Club Pilates always maintains a sanitary workout environment where you won’t be able to tell that there was a sweat-jerking workout not too long before.

Another selling point of Club Pilates is their great variety of classes and equipment. They have everything from small weights to Reformers and even Suspension Trainers. Moreover, they offer a wide timetable with numerous instructors, each teaching a different, exciting class. They organize their classes by levels, focusing on your foundations at level 1 and mastery at level 2.5. This helped me gauge my progress and led me to my CP Cardio Sculpt class, of which I can say is never boring or repetitive.

Now to the real stars of Club Pilates: the friendly staff. They help create a tight community and continuously monitor and encourage your growth. When I started my first class, my instructor accommodated my workout for a previous wrist injury. Even more, the instructors would cue form and breath to help maximize the individual impact of each class. I can say with confidence that without their support, I probably would’ve quit my workouts early on.

I highly recommend anyone go to Club Pilates because their quality environment, large assortment of equipment, and encouraging team make removing those pies and lattes a lot easier.

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