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Run Like the Wind!

If you’re looking for a local experience in the great outdoors, head over to Brea Canyon Road. At Yater Performance Riding, horseback riding has never been more fun! Lessons are available for anyone 3 and up who has an interest in horseback riding, so the whole family can join in on the excitement. You’ll learn how to groom, saddle, and ride the magnificent animal that will make you feel one with nature. Walking onto the property, you would never believe you’re still in the suburban city of Brea; the ranch-like feel is unlike any other.

Owner/instructor Danielle Yater is also the coach for Cal State Fullerton’s equestrian team and shares her passion for the sport with anyone willing to learn. She grew up taking lessons at Irvine Parks Country Trials Riding School and has been riding for almost 30 years. Danielle believes in every horse and every rider; she’s even retrained various horses who have come from unfortunate situations. Danielle began teaching lessons while in high school. Since then, she has taught at multiple riding schools and even began a “Horse Rescue,” saving horses from auctions, slaughters, and homelessness. Now, at Yater Performance Riding, Danielle still rescues horses and has added her love of teaching to the mix.

Aside from her experience and knowledge, Danielle is simply an amazing instructor. Her patience and encouragement with every student make everybody want to come back. You can come in experienced or as a beginner and she will work with you to make you the best rider you can be. She is also very flexible with scheduling, and she is very willing to work with you to learn horseback riding. Likewise, the horses are amazing. Many are rescues and all have been trained very well to be enduring and kind to all the riders.

Danielle and her staff all work great with the riders, no matter the age or level of experience. Each lesson starts with retrieving, grooming, and saddling the horse. Then, your lesson will continue based on your age and riding level. For example, a beginner 6-year-old may learn to guide the horse around the arena on his/her first lesson. Additionally, Danielle and her staff do real schooling for each rider; you can expect to truly learn the sport as well as having fun. Rather than simply being a fun activity for tourists, Yater Performance Riding really gets riders to learn the sport. They want “every rider to understand how much work and responsibility horses can be yet have a lot of fun!”

A popular quality of Yater Performance Riding is the prices. One lesson is $50. For ages 3-6, they offer 30-minute lessons. A package of 4 lessons is $110. For ages 7 and up, they offer 1-hour lessons, also $50. This age group may purchase two types of packages: 4 lessons or 8 lessons. A 4-lesson package is $150 while an 8-lesson package is $240. These packages bring the price per lesson down significantly. Comparing to other riding schools charging $100 per lesson, Yater offers great value for quality lessons! As mentioned, this value is a major highlight among satisfied customers, bringing repeat riders every day.

With great prices, amazing staff, and friendly horses, Yater Performance Riding is a wonderful option. This summer, choose horseback riding with Yater, where you can enjoy the California sun while spending quality time with a glorious horse.

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