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Mexican Food at Your Own Tempo

On the hunt for unique contemporary Mexican food? Look no further than Tempo Urban Kitchen! They combine the best of Mexican, American, and Asian fusion to the most amazing blend of food you could ask for. Located off Imperial Highway and Randolph Avenue, Tempo Urban Kitchen has something for every craving.

A notable quality of the atmosphere is the lively environment. Walking in, you are immersed in loud music and the energetic ambiance for any time of day. Brunch is a popular time to go on the weekends. Their corn pancakes are one of the most popular menu items. These pancakes are served with dulce de leche sauce and corn kennel glace. They’re the perfect sweet treat for any brunch; my favorite part is that you can add ice cream to it! Another popular brunch entrée is the veggie omelette. This meal features mushrooms, spinach, grilled onions, tomatoes, and feta cheese topped with fresh avocado and sour cream.

One brunch item that I have got to try next time I’m at Tempo is the breakfast tacos. These corn tortillas are filled with refried beans, house special sauce, sunny side up eggs, soyrizo, and topped with pico, lime crema, queso fresco, and fresh avocado. Just hearing about it sounds like the best combination of tacos and breakfast!

Happy Hour is another popular time for Tempo Urban Kitchen. They have Happy Hour Monday through Friday 11 am – 6 pm & 9 pm – close, and Saturday and Sunday 2 pm – 6 pm & 9 pm-close. Everything on the Happy Hour menu is under $10 (aside from the Bucket of Beers) so there’s virtually no excuse not to go!

My go-to is the chips and guac, which I often share with my party. Fries are another delicious choice for Happy Hour. Whether you go for the House Fries or the Espy Fries, you’re getting an amazing deal: only $5! One more popular Happy Hour item is the tacos. We’re blessed with 5 taco options for Happy Hour: Veggie, Korean, Fish, Asada, and Tacos de la Sierra (bean & cheese). I honestly cannot pick my favorite; you can’t go wrong with Tempo’s tacos.

Of course, the main reason most people go to Happy Hour is for the drinks! My go-to selection if I’m drinking is the sangria. The sweet fruity taste has a touch of cinnamon which adds a unique twist to a fan favorite drink. The Rocks Margaritas are the most popular drinks at Tempo. You have the option of Classic, Tamarindo, Watermelon, Cucumber, Pomegranate, or Mango. My personal favorites are the fruity ones (watermelon, pomegranate, and mango) that are some of the most refreshing margaritas out there!

The dinner menu at Tempo Urban Kitchen features an abundance of choices and variety for almost anyone who walks through the door. As I mentioned earlier, the tacos are to die for! If you want to try a bit of everything, I’d recommend ordering the House Taco Selection. This option has 1 Korean, 1 short rib, 1 crispy avocado, and 1 surf & turf taco. All tacos also have the option of a lettuce wrap tortilla. If you’re more of a burrito-person, there’s a great selection, too. I would personally go for the California burrito. This one includes fries, salsa cheese, guacamole, lime crema, pico, and your choice of chicken, asada, pork belly, veggies, or soyrizo.

If you have a sweet tooth, get ready for an amazing dessert menu! The fan-favorite is the Churros Cart (which you can add ice cream to!). This is a little cart that they bring to your table with churros and dipping sauces. Another popular dessert is the deep-fried ice cream. This one combines the best of fried foods with delicious ice cream and topped with strawberries.

Tempo Urban Kitchen has an amazing selection of food/drinks and remarkable Happy Hour, it’s no wonder it’s everyone’s favorite contemporary Mexican restaurant!

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