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Back to the Bayou

It’s your high school reunion. You’re back in your hometown of Cormier Parish in Louisiana but something seems to be off about the event. You and your friends are tasked with uncovering the secrets of the barn house fire. This is the set of the Red Lantern Escape Room and it is thrilling.

The set is as genuine as can be and it is simply gargantuan, which makes the fact that the detail on each nook and cranny is so precise, so impressive. The special feature of this escape room is the story-oriented path which adds quite a bit of excitement especially for myself and my friends. I loved the versatility of the set that was part-Bayou, part-reunion, and part-carnival. The story really flowed seamlessly and there wasn’t a moment where I felt bored or uninterested.

The story goes a bit like this: you arrive back into your old high school for a reunion which is held in the old barn house where 5 students died in a fire decades ago. It kicks off from here and evolves into a whole new type of adventure. My friends were quick to point out that the blend of cinematic and realistic features was astounding. For me, it excelled at staying exciting. It was really a great room and I loved the experience.

Red Lantern has an experienced and fun crew that make the experience unique and it’s a great time regardless of the occasion.

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