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Seas the Day!

Brea citizens are extremely lucky to live in such close proximity to the beach! There are multiple opportunities for them to be able to enjoy the salty water and the crisp air; one of which is Seas the Day Scuba. Seas the Day Scuba is an exciting way for people of all ages to explore the ocean through scuba diving. They offer a comprehensive curriculum that caters to both experienced divers and newcomers.

If you are a beginner to scuba diving, you can take a shot at their Beginner Course. The instructors teach you through the Open Water PADI curriculum, which focuses on the very basics, gear, and breathing techniques. You will also undergo 3 main phases: knowledge development, confined water dives, and finally open water dives. After, you will spend 6-8 hours in a swimming pool to practice your scuba skills. After this course, you will receive your certification and be qualified to dive wherever you want in the world! This course is recommended for teens to adults.

For those who are more experienced, you can take the professional courses to turn your hobby into a potential career! You can work closely with the PADI Assistant instructor course that gives you the ability to perform as an assistant to instructors or learn to become an open water scuba instructor, to mention a few.

If you love adventure, try their technical courses! The instructors describe it as the equivalent of skydiving for scuba divers! Push your limits with this course as it will give you the skills to potentially explore ancient shipwrecks and exotic species deep in the sea.

For those who are experienced in scuba diving but want to learn more relaxed activities, Seas the Day offers a variety of recreational classes you’ll surely enjoy. For instance, you can take a shot at night diving; underwater photography and videography; drift diving and fish identification.

Seas the Day Scuba furthermore offers trips to exotic destinations such as San Diego’s Wreck Alley. For just $115, you can dive the Wreck Alley that holds the famous Yukon ship and Ruby E! There are also day-long trips to Catalina Island, which is a popular diving spot celebrated by many on the West Coast.

Seas the Day Scuba is a wonderful gem in Brea that is a fun activity for all. Whether you’re just looking for something adventurous to do over the weekend or want to sharpen your skills, you will definitely have a spectacular time!

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