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Another one bites the crust

Let me set the scene, you walk into a nice, air-conditioned room and you immediately catch a whiff of their freshly made pizza. That’s when you knew, Pizza Press is the right place to go enjoy your meal.

Pizza Press’ rustic and minimalistic interior design convey the elegance and quality established in this restaurant. The Pizzas are as homemade and as fresh as you could get them. Carefully crafted to your liking, under your directions and preferences the pizzas will exceed any expectations.

While waiting for your pizzas, you can opt to get the small garlic and cheesy bread. You might not expect much from just a snack, but just wait until you take a bite! The garlic and cheesy bread are always said to be delicious and not overwhelming when it comes to the cheese, and that the garlic really accentuates the flavor.

Once ready, your pizzas are served to you on an adorable wooden paddle to complete the authentic rustic and freshly baked feel. But as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover, how’s it taste? Every single bite is perfectly heavenly, no slice too greasy or bulky. No matter how high your expectations are, they will surely surpass them. Pizza Press’ pizzas practically oozes quality, the vibrancy and freshness of the products cannot be missed by anyone!

On the side, you are served a drink of your wanting in an elegant wine glass. You have the option of ordering a drink from a bottle or something straight out of their tap from their bar! They also have the option of getting root beer and cream (aka root beer floats) for anyone who enjoys a little bit of dessert as their drink. Switching up the topic to their bar, never have I ever had someone not mention the bar after their first visit, and it’s easy to see why. The taps are all lined up on this giant, gold pipe, again really pushing that rustic vibe.

With that said, no one is going home disappointed from a visit to Brea’s Pizza Press. Their beautiful ambiance, taste, and quality will have you driving home refreshed physically and mentally.

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