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Love at first bite

In the mood for a tasty, sweet treat? Try The Classic Cupcake!

Open six days a week, this unique online cupcake shop has a variety of different flavors you must try out. These cupcakes range from your classic red velvet to pumpkin spice. There are choices for everyone! The flavors include vanilla birthday, chocolate birthday, chocolate expression, dark chocolate expression, lemon, strawberry, peanut butter chocolate, carrot, coconut, and pumpkin spice. Each cupcake is filled with flavor. They’re rich and creamy with every bite. Since they are all made fresh, the cupcakes are all moist and fluffy. For all the chocolate lovers out there, you’re going to love their signature chocolate expression cupcake. It’s a moist chocolate cupcake with a fluffy chocolate frosting topped with chocolate chips and a chocolate drizzle. With just one bite, this chocolatey goodness explodes in your mouth making it hard to not take another bite!

They’ve grown popular ever since they aired on the famous food network show, Cupcake Wars. Cupcake Wars is a tv show where different bakeries battle in a baking competition in order to win a money prize. The Classic Cupcake was on the TV show in 2012 and this boosted their popularity drastically. More and more people order today, and not many have been disappointed. On yelp, The Classic Cupcake has a 5-star rating. Customers say that ordering is easy and are blown away at the tasty treats that arrive to their door.

Want some high-quality cupcakes for a party? The Classic Cupcake has your back. The shop sells cupcakes dozens, which means more cupcakes to go around. Prices range from $30 to $40 depending on size of cupcakes, as well as designs. These designs can be anything you imagine. Ranging from a happy birthday sign to a heart created by fondant, the options are endless!

The Classic Cupcake also caters and delivers their sweets as well. The cupcakes show up to your doorstep without the hassle of having to pick them up which is perfect for weddings, parties and events. One of their biggest orders was 900 cupcakes. Anything is possible with The Classic Cupcake.

The bakery also has preorders available for holiday cupcakes when in season. The Classic Cupcake’s most well-known holiday cupcakes are their Valentine’s Day Cupcakes. They are known as the Valentine’s

Day Dozen which is only available on the 13th and 14th of February unless preordered. In these dozens of cupcakes, it contains vanilla, chocolate and red velvet cupcakes. Each cupcake is decorated with either sprinkles or a design made of

fondant. Another special treat they sell for Valentine’s Day is treat boxes. They have two different boxes to choose from. One contains frosted donuts, chocolate covered strawberries and an assortment of chocolate all packaged in a decorative box. The other contains a huge chocolate heart mold that when cracked open has different sweets. Like the Valentine’s Day cupcakes, these are limited time only and preordered only for the 14th of February.

Next time you find yourself craving something sweet, give The Classic Cupcake a try!

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