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Sparkle and Shine, it's Christmas Time

The 2020 holiday season sure is different, it seems to be lacking in some or even many aspects. What defines the holiday spirit? Surely not a month or a specific date. It is the people and the happiness emitted from them. It is evident that even in these turbulent times, the stores and their employees are working tirelessly to give the customers the experience that they deserve to have this year.

From the second you step foot into the building, the festive feeling missing from this year comes rushing towards you. The classic red and green décor greets you along with the kind-hearted employees. All your favorite stores are waiting for you and are prepared with measures put to ensure your safety. Hand sanitizer, social distanced lines, and everyone wearing their masks correctly. The decorations are at its peak this year, with a shiny, red hollow ornament to take pictures in, to a ginormous Christmas tree in the center of the mall.

The food court has also been altered to protect the consumers, the couches were removed, and the tables were stacked, but that was not enough to stop the stores or their customers. It warms the heart to see families and other small groups safely spend time with each other and even for a few minutes, forget about their troubles.

After eating there is a range of activities and stores you can go to. Ranging from the stores at the food courts to candy stores and from the elegant jewelry stores to the anime merchandise stores. Regardless of what you or your loved one's interests there will be a store to pique it!

As you walk around the building there are a multitude of booths that line the path, all offering a variety of trinkets and services. Looking at the Morphe store you can see the guard and the customers laughing at a joke and just around the corner at Godiva, a man dipping their fresh baked pastries into chocolate, finishing off their classic freshly made treats.

And to top off the holiday joy, they also have a socially distancing Santa—now that is a sight you must see! This year, we may not get to experience the “classic” holiday rush of the past, but at the Brea Mall they will give you enough to know that the holiday spirit is not something easily crushed.

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