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The Latin Kitchen that will make you Cha-Cha

The taste of Latin cuisine will change your taste buds for the better. Cha Cha’s Latin Restaurant is a restaurant that you would not want to miss! Cha Cha’s Latin Restaurant menu was inspired by the Mexican and Latin American cuisine. They have an open kitchen where guests can watch savory dishes being prepared in the wood-fired oven.

The history of Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen began due to their love and passion for Latin Cuisine.

Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen love for making tasty food is shown on how they make your food. They let you see how they prepare savory dishes in the wood-fired oven. But they also roast chicken to perfection and tacos are topped with homemade fire-roasted salsa. To me this sounds like the best place to go for some good Latin food.

But on top of delicious food, they also have happenings. On Monday Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen has a special called Date Night Monday. For every Monday they will get you a free entrée when you buy an entrée after 5pm. So come over on Mondays with your special someone to enjoy tasty food. But if you do not feel like Latin food on a Monday, come on Tuesday! They have an offer of 50% of tacos & Tequila with live music every Tuesday. But this offer is for the Irvine location only. But do not worry they also have Enchilada Wednesday where the Enchiladas are 50% off all day and night. For Thursday they have Fajita Thursday $20 per person. It comes with your choice of protein, tortillas, salad and much more. They have a Happy hour from Sunday – Thursday all night also Friday and Saturday from 11:30 am – 7:00 pm. They also Have Lunch Specials combos starting at $10 Monday - Friday until 3pm.

They also have a takeout deal. They have Monday Date Night special too but for takeout it is only a 25% off your entire order. They have the Taco Tuesday Kit that will cost you $45 and can serve up to 5 people. For Wednesday they have Enchilada Wednesday that will grant you a 50% off signature enchiladas. For Thursday they have Fajita Thursday $20 per person. It comes with your choice of protein, tortillas, salad and much more. The same as their happenings but it also counts for takeout. They have these specials and many more deals for you.

Now for the moment we have been waiting for the menu. For the menu Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen has the menu filled with different options. They have a section for Lunch Specials, Lunch and Dinner and Sunday Brunch. But they have special food sections like cocktails and desserts. And if you are worrying about the beverages, they have various categories to choose from. For example, they have the Beer & wine section, tequila, and homemade beverages.

For the “Lunch Specials” they have the Mix & Match Lunch Special. This special is available Monday – Friday from 11:30 am – 3:00pm at the restaurant only. You can create your own Lunch With any two signature lunch items. One of the Items are tacos made form, chicken, steak, carnitas or wild mushroom. Another item would be the Salad which can be the Caesar or Organic Greens. The enchiladas are part of the mix and match special, the enchilada can be made of cheese with tomatillo or chicken with tomato chipotle.

For lunch specials they also have tortas. One of the tortas option is one with chicken breast marinated with achiote & Grilled. They also Have slow braised carnitas tortas. And finally, they have marinated Grilled steak tortas.

For the beverage section I will start us off with beer and wine. For Tap Beers they have Negra Modelo, Dos Equis Amber, Pacifico Lager, Lagunitas and PA. They also have bottled beer and craft Beer. For wine they serve white wine and read wine. For white wine they serve cava, Cristalino, Spain, Riedling, Bex, Central costal and much more. For red wine they serve Pinot Noir, Bogle, California Tempranillo, Montana, Spain Malbec and so much more.

For those looking for a non-alcoholic drink they also have homemade beverages that do not contain alcohol. They have mango or hibiscus lemonade and have virgin cocktails. The classic Margarita is made with fresh lemon and lime juices, organic agave nectar. Mango margarita is another no alcoholic beverage they offer, it contains fresh lemon and line juices, organic agave nectar and mango puree. Strawberry margaritas are next up on the list they are made from fresh lemon and lime juices, organic agave nectar and strawberries. Finally, they serve Mojitos that are made of fresh lime and mint muddled, sugar cane and splash of soda.

For dessert they have Flan Cha Cha's that is baked with vanilla bean, orange anise cookies and fresh whipped cream. They also serve Tres leches cake that is home-baked chiffon cake, Tres leches soaked, strawberry salsa, whipped cream, and toasted coconut. Churros are on the list too, they are home-made churros that contain cinnamon sugar, cajeta and raspberry – orange sauces. But if you are more of an ice cream person for dessert, they feature Fosselman's premium Ice Cream: Chocolate- dulce de leche-vanilla bean.

If you are hungry and have a craving for Latin food, make sure to go to Cha Cha’s Latin Kitchen!

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